Creating Opportunity for Lasting Success

In 2014, The YMCA of Greater Boston became a larger presence in teen programming within the City of Boston and its surrounding communities. By adding two new full-time teen directors we now have fully dedicated teen programs at all our branches. With the introduction of new goals via the “Y Works for Teens Agenda” and seasoned staff we have been able to reach benchmarks that in the past were only a goals to us. We have surpassed out 25% increase in teen attendance as set for in the agenda to a substantial 29% increase. As we continue to grow and flourish as a concentrated effort the communities we serve will continue to reap the benefits.

The Y Works for Teens

Major highlights of 2014 include:

  • 3,651 teens participate monthly in Y programming across the association; this is a 29% increase over our 2013 average. We have surpassed our agenda goal of a 25% increase over 2013.

  • As an association we averaged close to 11,000 month swipes/facility access by teens in 2014.

  • 13 fulltime, 19 part-time, 32 total teen staff across the association; 12 teen meetings held; 4 teen specific sub-committees formed.

  • 310 teens involved in leadership programs monthly (71 YGB youth/staff attended state leadership rallies).

  • 464 teens employed at the Y this summer; for 82%, this was their first job (combination of Boston Youth Fund, APAC and YMCA payroll). Through the course of the non-summer months we employee 325 teens at our Y’s.

  • 180 teens participated in volunteer programs at the Y’s monthly.

  • 400 teens participate in academic achievement programs monthly (SAT Prep/Tutoring/ Sr. & Jr. Pathways/college readiness programs and Academic Credit Recovery).

  • Continued Boston Public High School/Middle School partnerships with 5 new established, making our total 16.

  • 10,896 teens took advantage of free “Get Summer” memberships, a 32% increase over 2013.

  • 899 FREE events were provided to teens during “Get Summer,” that’s a 14% increase from last year.

  • First ever association-wide summer youth symposium, over 300 teens from 13 branches in attendance.

  • First of its kind Academic Credit Recovery Center established in East Boston allowing over 20 students to graduate from high school and pass over 65 courses. Second location set to open early 2015 in Dorchester.

  • Free hot dinners offered nightly and on weekends to teens at 8 branches.

  • Twelve “Leader’s Clubs” going strong, many self-running.

  • Total number of free to no-cost teen-related scheduled activities for 2014: 2,021

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