Teen Programs & Activities

Creating Opportunity for Lasting Success

Teens turn to the Y for academic assistance, employment, life skills advancement and healthy fun.  Teens feel welcome and have proven success at the Y.  In 2013, over 2,800 teens participated monthly in Y programming across the association.


The Y Works for Teens

Major highlights of 2013 include:

  • 2,828 teens participate monthly in Y programming across the association; this is a 35% increase over our 2012 average. We have surpassed our agenda goal of a 25% increase over 2012.

  • As an association we averaged close to 10,000 month swipes/facility access by teens in 2013.

  • 10 fulltime, 16 part-time, 26 total teen staff across the association; 12 teen meetings held; 4 teen specific sub-committees formed. 

  • 266 teens involved in leadership programs (63 YGB youth attended state leadership rallies).

  • 608 teens participated in Cyber Bulling Curriculum; 21 staff trained to deliver curriculum.

  • 550 teens employed at the Y this summer; for 78%, this was their first job (combination of Boston Youth Fund, APAC, MLK Scholars Private Industry Council and YMCA payroll). Through the course of the non-summer months we employee 300 teens at our Y’s.

  • 142 teens participated in volunteer programs, that’s a 102% increase over 2012. 

  • 310 teens participate in academic achievement programs monthly (SAT Prep/Tutoring/ Sr. & Jr. Pathways/college readiness programs).

  • Continued Boston Public High School/Middle School partnerships with 3 new established, making total 13.

  • 8,013 teens took advantage of free “Get Summer” memberships, a 42% increase over 2012.

  • 789 FREE events were provided to teens during “Get Summer,” that’s a 35% increase from last year.

  • 35 teens in Youth and Government, YMCA of Greater Boston delegations bestowed high honors at state-wide delegation event.

  • Ten “Leader’s Clubs” going strong, many self-running.

  • Total number of free to no-cost teen-related scheduled activities for 2013: 1,521

Other Teen Programs

  • Job Training Support & Jobs for Youth

  • Young Achievers Summer Institute

  • YMCA Achievers - Pathways to College

  • YMCA Achievers - Annual College and Career Fair

  • Safe Dates

  • Leader's Club

  • Graduate on Time (GOT-IT)

  • Cyber Bullying



Teen Testimonials 

Alania (17), Teen Employee

The Dorchester YMCA is a place to go to become a leader.  I help younger kids with their homework and teach them different games.  I have learned to have patience with them and to keep an open mind.  Working at the Y has helped me in a way I never thoguht it would.  The kids come to me all the time because they believe I can help them.  Through this work I have realized that I want to go to college and get my Ph.D. in child psychology. 

Elaines (17), Pathways to College Participant

At Y Achievers I found a support system which is guiding me through the college application process.  While my parents are really supportive of my college dream they don't have a lot of knowledge about the application process, and I found that I needed extra help.  The Y Achievers program is helping me make the decisions that will impact my future and preparing me for SATs and college applications. 

Mark Ralto (13), West Roxbury Y Leader's Club Member and Chair

The Leaders Club has really helped my confidence.  Before I joined, I felt so shy and awkward.  This club has helped me to break out of my shell and has really pushed me, helping me to become more of a leader.