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GET SUMMER 2014 - Are you ready to "Get Summer"?

Each year the YMCA of Greater Boston gives teens the opportunity to experience a summer full of fitness, fun and friendship. This summer is no different, starting this week teens ages 13-19 (18-19 must be in high school) can sign up for a free YMCA membership that will afford them unlimited unrestricted access to all the Y’s in our Greater Boston association. This membership is not just for the gym, it also comes with some perks; each branch will be hosting specific events, programs, workshops, trips, classes, dances and other activities that only teens with a “Get Summer” membership can take part in. Want to know how to join? Visit any YMCA of Greater Boston’s Welcome Center for to grab an application to start the process. Want to know what we have to offer this summer? Like our YMCA Teens Facebook Page, this page will be constantly updated with programs, schedules, events, pictures, stories and deals just for teens! “Get Summer” is a great way to beat the heat and have fun experiences with new friends! And best of all its free! Last year over 8,000 teens in the Greater Boston area took advantage of free memberships and over 700 free programs and activities.


Don’t miss out! “Get Summer” memberships are good June 22nd -  September 6th


To find your nearest location, follow the link: http://ymcaboston.org/teens/contact-information


YMCA Boston Teens Summer Schedule


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Creating Opportunity for Lasting Success

Teens turn to the Y for academic assistance, employment, life skills advancement and healthy fun.  Teens feel welcome and have proven success at the Y.  In 2013, over 2,800 teens participated monthly in Y programming across the association.

The Y Works for Teens

Major highlights of 2013 include:

  • 2,828 teens participate monthly in Y programming across the association; this is a 35% increase over our 2012 average. We have surpassed our agenda goal of a 25% increase over 2012.

  • As an association we averaged close to 10,000 month swipes/facility access by teens in 2013.

  • 10 fulltime, 16 part-time, 26 total teen staff across the association; 12 teen meetings held; 4 teen specific sub-committees formed. 

  • 266 teens involved in leadership programs (63 YGB youth attended state leadership rallies).

  • 608 teens participated in Cyber Bulling Curriculum; 21 staff trained to deliver curriculum.

  • 550 teens employed at the Y this summer; for 78%, this was their first job (combination of Boston Youth Fund, APAC, MLK Scholars Private Industry Council and YMCA payroll). Through the course of the non-summer months we employee 300 teens at our Y’s.

  • 142 teens participated in volunteer programs, that’s a 102% increase over 2012. 

  • 310 teens participate in academic achievement programs monthly (SAT Prep/Tutoring/ Sr. & Jr. Pathways/college readiness programs).

  • Continued Boston Public High School/Middle School partnerships with 3 new established, making total 13.

  • 8,013 teens took advantage of free “Get Summer” memberships, a 42% increase over 2012.

  • 789 FREE events were provided to teens during “Get Summer,” that’s a 35% increase from last year.

  • 35 teens in Youth and Government, YMCA of Greater Boston delegations bestowed high honors at state-wide delegation event.

  • Ten “Leader’s Clubs” going strong, many self-running.

  • Total number of free to no-cost teen-related scheduled activities for 2013: 1,521

Other Teen Programs

  • Job Training Support & Jobs for Youth

  • Young Achievers Summer Institute

  • YMCA Achievers - Pathways to College

  • YMCA Achievers - Annual College and Career Fair

  • Safe Dates

  • Leader's Club

  • Graduate on Time (GOT-IT)

  • Cyber Bullying



Teen Testimonials 

Alania (17), Teen Employee

The Dorchester YMCA is a place to go to become a leader.  I help younger kids with their homework and teach them different games.  I have learned to have patience with them and to keep an open mind.  Working at the Y has helped me in a way I never thoguht it would.  The kids come to me all the time because they believe I can help them.  Through this work I have realized that I want to go to college and get my Ph.D. in child psychology. 

Elaines (17), Pathways to College Participant

At Y Achievers I found a support system which is guiding me through the college application process.  While my parents are really supportive of my college dream they don't have a lot of knowledge about the application process, and I found that I needed extra help.  The Y Achievers program is helping me make the decisions that will impact my future and preparing me for SATs and college applications. 

Mark Ralto (13), West Roxbury Y Leader's Club Member and Chair

The Leaders Club has really helped my confidence.  Before I joined, I felt so shy and awkward.  This club has helped me to break out of my shell and has really pushed me, helping me to become more of a leader.