The YMCA on Huntington Avenue has helped me develop a pragmatic view on what’s to come in life for a teenager like myself. I was able to finish the tedious college application... Read More

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When her family lost their home to a fire just before Christmas, Mrs. Rocca was comforted to know that her children would be able to remain in the YMCA afterschool program.  Yalina is a... Read More

"Because of Camp, I learned many things. I learned to swim with a good breaststroke, shoot a rifle, use a saw, and even to belay a person walking on a wire. But I also learned to be myself.... Read More

We are incredibly fortunate to be members of the West Roxbury/Roslindale YMCA. Our story is simple. My husband and I are longtime members who happen to have nine children, one of whom has autism.... Read More