I retired in 1994, at that time I started developing trouble with my legs and knees and was having difficulty walking.  So in 1995 I joined the Dorchester YMCA.  My Doctor told me that... Read More

"Staff has made us feel like part of a huge family, and as a single mother, that means the world to me."

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"So many great experiences including basketball games and great trips, all of which have created fun times and priceless memories!  We are always looking forward to the next day at the YMCA... Read More

Paul lives in Charlestown and is a veteran of the Iraq War and suffers from PTSD.  Paul participates in Charlestown Y’s Welcome Home program where we provide him with an Access Scholarship... Read More

Adelaide is a client who has been ambivalent about exercise since meeting with personal trainer, Laura, on day one. Without motivation or seeing immediate results, she does not like to work out... Read More