“I want to thank the YMCA for offering the END Diabetes program. The information I was given was comprehensive and easy to follow and I found the group discussions to be very helpful... Read More

"If you work in academia, it is required that you improve your English, because you’ll need to give presentations in English. I would recommend this class to PhD students or visiting scholars. As... Read More


I found out I was having a baby shortly after moving to Boston. With few marketable skills and no job prospects, I was forced to go on Government assistance. I didn’t want to take... Read More

"Growing up there were many challenges and many things that could have brought me off my path of success, but I never let peer pressure around the neighborhood get to me, especially after I joined... Read More

“I cannot thank you enough for the remarkable month (our son) spent with you this summer. He has found a home in North Woods, and we all feel very lucky!”

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