As is the case with every component that comprises the YMCA of Greater Boston, Families in Transition serves as evidence of this organization’s commitment to extend and execute its mission... Read More

"Camp is a huge part of my life. Without it, there is no way I would be the outgoing, fun loving, and confident person that I am today. I would not have been able to make as smooth of a transition... Read More

"So many great experiences including basketball games and great trips, all of which have created fun times and priceless memories!  We are always looking forward to the next day at the YMCA... Read More


In 2003 Betty was run over by a truck multiple times and broke every bone in her body.  She was in a coma for 2 ½ months and rehab for 9 months after that.  Betty’s... Read More


Imagine being 12 years old and leaving the streets of East Boston for the first time, trading  triple deckers and cement for the woods and a lake, and doing it by yourself….... Read More