“The Y has great community involvement, and I know that as a member here, my money goes to a good cause. The spinning classes are great, and all the weight equipment is great too.” - John

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“We had a great time this past weekend at Sandy Island. The experience was awesome for us and the kids. We did not touch our cell phones and the kids did not play their DS at all. They... Read More

I was driving to the Y this morning to swim, as I do almost every morning of year (and this has been going on for thirty two years now!) - and heard a very tragic story on the radio - a four year... Read More

"I come to the Hyde Park YMCA to keep healthy, and I enjoy coming because of the people. My personal trainer also makes it easy to want to come, and we train twice a week. I advise everybody... Read More

Liz has been a member/employee since she was a teenager. Always very overweight – she never seemed to be self-conscious about it or interested in working out. Now as a health professional (nursing... Read More