A Transformational Summer

When you give a child a place where there’s laughter, learning, security and people that believe in them, you aren’t just giving them the summer of a lifetime, you’re giving them a summer that could change their life. This summer, when you give or join the YMCA of Greater Boston, you’re helping us to give the children of Boston their best summer ever. Where there’s the Y, there’s a way to a better us.

Y Camps. So Much More.

  • Hands-on exploration & skill building
  • Exposure to the arts
  • Team building
  • Focus on wellbeing
  • Building life skills
  • Active play
  • Social and emotional growth
  • Quality, experienced staff
  • Memories to cherish
  • Strong role models
  • Emphasis on positive relationships 
  • Lifelong friendships
  • A strong community of the best campers and staff around!