To enroll, trainees need:

  • A High School diploma or equivalent (GED)

  • A  proficient level of English

  • Childcare arrangements with a backup

  • Good attendance and punctuality

We work with adults who have no computer skills and experience. We also work with individuals with CORI.

Trainees are held to high standards in order to prepare for a real professional environment. As in many jobs, trainees record their work hours using a time sheet. YMCA Training, Inc. keeps record of absences and tardiness. Trainees also dress in professional attire and demonstrate a professional attitude while in our offices.

We know how hard it is for many of our trainees to be here so we take the necessary steps to ensure that they can succeed.  We work closely with our trainees’ social workers, homeless shelters, or families to coordinate daycare and travel to our program.

Speakers of English as a second language are welcome to our program. Multi-lingual ability is an asset to many Boston businesses. Trainees are given an English placement test before the program begins. We may direct a trainee to the YMCA International Learning Center  to improve his or her English skills before joining our training program.