Join over 60 leading businesses and organizations who will hire Training, Inc. graduates this year. Host a no-fee intern for eight weeks. Screened, trained, diverse candidates are ready to meet your staffing needs.

What can a YMCA Training, Inc. trainee offer your business?

  • Talent at no cost to you: Hiring a Training, Inc. trainee is a no-brainer. How could you  not set up a free internship with us? No commitment. No cost. It’s a great solution to help meet any staffing shortages while helping a job seeker gain valuable work experience.
  • Loyalty and reduced turnover: Businesses that recruit graduates from competitive universities may find that these young professionals are simply looking to get to the next step in their careers. Our graduates have worked hard to get where they are and they will not take an opportunity for granted. Reduce turnover costs by recruiting talent that will be loyal to your business.
  • Skilled, professional additions to your staff: Our trainees are well-versed in the latest office and computer skills. YMCA Training, Inc. sets high expectations  for its trainees before sending them off to an internship that includes punctuality, stellar attendance, and professional attire and behavior.
  • Diversity: Businesses and their clients benefit from employees that bring multi-lingual fluency and multi-cultural perspectives.