Achieve your fitness goals with the Ultimate Fitness Community through our specialty fitness classes at the Y. Stay motivated, challenged and connected with others while progressing toward a healthier, stronger you! A variety of classes available for all fitness levels.


What is Specialty Fitness?

  • Specialized program content
  • Guidance from certified Team-Y Coaches
  • Progressive workouts to help you achieve your wellness goals
  • Smaller Personalized experience than group exercise
  • Building communities based on group motivation
  • Programs for all fitness levels
  • Affordable alternative to personal training

For more information on our specialty fitness classes, visit the Welcome Center at your local Y.






Take your fitness to the next level with P2. Combine bursts of high intensity cardio and total body resistance training to maximize your time and effort and enhance your overall fitness level. Whether you are training for a specific athletic event or just looking to power up your fitness routine, P2 will focus on functional movements designed to support the physical demands of life & sport.   

Improve functional efficiency and boost physical performance with an all new approach to mobility, flexibility and stability. Accelerate recovery, refine movement patterns and exceed limitations to elite fitness with the personalized attention of our performance focused mobility coaches. 


  • P2 participants will receive a t-shirt, a Power towel, and a fitness journal to track their progress inside and outside of class. 
  • Recharge participants will receive a t-shirt, a Power towel, and a foam roller for use inside and outside of class.  
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