We all want more energy, be at our ideal body weight and have great looking skin.  It's time to reanalyze and rebuild your diet to achieve these three things.  Nutrition is always a limiting factor in body transformations.  If you don't change your eating plans or fight off your urges, all your efforts in the gym are wasted. 

Overfed and Starving

Our main problem is that food is made to look attractive; we are both overfed and starving.  Many Americans are bordering on diabetic tendencies.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to eat a diet that is recommended for those managing diabetes.  Our tip for you is to take one step at a time towards a healthier you.  Start with adding one fresh whole organic energizing food to your diet every day.

I viewed the documentary called Supersize Me, recently.  It tells the story of a man who eats fast food for all his meals for a month, and describes the havoc it wreaks on his body. There is tons of research uncovering the link between our lifestyle and food addiction.

We all have little voices in our heads sending us signals, "Take a bite," or "It's too good to pass up."  What motivates us to inhale a plate of homemade cookies, a quart of icecream or a six-pack of beer?  Have you ever felt like you had no control over your eating habits?  

We are not getting the nutrients we require on a daily basis due to the overconsumption of sugary, starchy, fatty and salty foods. We are starving as a nation. When we delve into the origination of these cravings, we realize we use food as an anxiety drug.

High levels of anticipation and the need for the quick fix cause food to aid the brain as an addictive substance. “I need this to relax me”

How to Break the Addiction

Here are a few suggestions for breaking addictive food behaviors.  Follow these habits for two weeks.

  • Get outside and take a walk. The fresh air will bring oxygen into your system and stave off urges for a quick fix.
  • Incorporate at least one fresh whole organic energizing food into your daily consumption. It will boost your immunity and keep you satiated a lot longer than that plate of cookies.
  • Develop a doable eating plan. Develop strategies you can follow when you can’t be at 100%. 

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