Ready to get involved with the YMCA International Learning Center?



What kinds of things can I do to get involved at the YMCA International Learning Center?

  • One-on-one English tutoring to our adult students
  • Office support
  • Advertise
  • Video editing
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Promotion
  • Grant Writing
  • Student Mentoring
  • Building Improvements
  • Classroom Assistant
  • Mock Interviews
  • Guest Speaker
  • Sponsor a Student or Class
  • Provide Books for a Program or Class
  • Receive Applications for Openings at your company
  • Host a class at your Site

Want to become an English Tutor at the International Learning Center?

Here are the steps to get involved:
Step 1: Fill out our online Volunteer Applicaiton HERE.
Step 2: Once you complete the online applicaiton you will receive an email confirmation with details about how to continue on in the process. You will need to download, print out, and email the CORI/SORI documents to our Volunteer Coordinator at
Step 3: There is a link to sign up for a Training Session in the confirmation email. During this training session, you will learn how to use the online booking system that we use for tutoring, take a tour of the International Learning Center, and ask any questions you many have.

Want to get involved in other ways?
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at to ask questions and to learn more! 

Commonly Asked Questions:

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for individuals who are dedicated to bettering the lives of immigrants and refugees in multiple capacities. We want enthusiastic people to join our team and help our students achieve their dreams. Are you punctual, reliable, passionate, hardworking, dedicated to the teaching of the English language, and available for a minimum of 3 months? Perfect! What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn how to get started.

What kind of resources are available for tutoring English?
Don’t have tutoring experience? No problem! We have tutors from all walks of life and all levels of experience that join us at the ILC. We have a selection of books, flashcards, and games available here at the ILC that are free for tutors and students to use. If you find yourself needing more resources, feel free to reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator who can provide you with more materials to help your tutoring experience be the best possible!

What kind of training is required?
Once you complete the application, volunteers will be required to attend a training session. This training session will inform volunteers about the ILC and the different classes and resources that we provide. The session will also include a tour of the facility and a training session on how to use the online booking system, Appointment King. Any questions will be answered at this time.

Who volunteers at the YMCA International Learning Center?
We are lucky enough to have variety of individuals and organizations join us here at the YMCA ILC! We have collaborated with Northeastern University, Suffolk University, Bay State College, Boston University, the Carroll Center for the Blind, and Global Cultural Adventurers, Inc. We also have many working professionals in the Boston Area, as well as retirees, join us to provide services to our students!

How do I use the tutoring webiste, Appointment King?

Tutors use an online booking system to set up appointments with students called Appointment King. This is a fantastic feature that helps ease the process for both the volunteers and the students. If you have not received training on this system, please refer to the "steps to get involved" at the top of the page. If you have received training but need a refresher, click HERE for a guide to help.