Support the Annual Reach Out Campaign - Strengthen Your Community

Your support is necessary to fund many of the Y programs and services that families that are in need use every day. Together we can ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn grow and thrive in a YMCA program.

Your contribution makes a difference!

"My husband lost his job several months ago. Thanks to a YMCA Scholarship, we are able to provide our children with some activities to enrich their after school time... " - Mom from Reading

"After our daughter was diagnosed with cancer, our entire focus shifted to her needs. They YMCA was able to give our other two children camp scholarships so they could play and enjoy their summer!!" - Family from North Reading

"They YMCA enabled me to get back in shape after an accident while serving in the US Military. I thank the Reach Out donors for my scholarship..." - Soldier from North Reading

"My teenage daugher needed the support of a structured program to help her lose weight; however, I could not afford it. A friend told me about the scholarship program and now my daughter is a YMCA member and smiling again!" - Mom from Wakefield

How your contribution positively affects people's lives: 

  • $500 sends a child to Summer Camp for 2 weeks

  • $200 will host a birthday party filled with memories that last a lifetime.

  • $150 allows 3 children to attend a youth fitness class helping to reduce their risk of childhood obesity.

  • $100 provides a child with an annual membership keeping them safe and active.

  • $80 provides 8 weeks of swimming instruction.

  • $50 enables a child to attend a sports class for 8 weeks. 

While programs may develop in one neighborhood, the strength of the Y is that we leverage great programs and take those to other communities that then benefit. Again, at the Y, no child, family or adult is turned away due to an inability to pay full fees. We recognize that for communities to succeed, everyone must be given the opportunity to be healthy confident, connected and secure. We can only make that promise through the support of our donors to the Y’s Annual Fund.

Your gift to the Y’s Annual Fund is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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