As summer approaches, many people think of aquatic recreational activities.  Over the past years, we have witnessed an increase in swimming facilities and waterparks in the Greater Boston area.  However, even with this increase in accessibility, many children still do not know how to swim, putting their safety at risk.  It is important for us to remember that swimming is not just a fun summer activity, but an essential life skill. 

The Alarming Statistics

Did you know that over 3,600 people drown in the United States annually?  Of that number, one in four is a child under the age of 14­­­ who drowns in unguarded pools, never having intended on entering the water.  To make matters worse, this number does not even include the non-fatal drowning incidents that occur yearly.  


A Mandatory Preparation

The YMCA of Greater Boston believes that these numbers can be greatly reduced by parents ensuring that children have the opportunity to learn water safety skills from an early age.  We offer swimming lessons of all levels for children as young as 6-months to adults.  One is never too young or too old to learn to swim at the YMCA!

Y Method of Teaching Swimming

Swimming lessons at the YMCA are designed to promote comfort levels and provide the skills to thrive in aquatic environments.  We accomplish this with a combination of our five swimming program components:

  1. Personal safety
  2. Personal growth
  3. Stroke development
  4. Rescue
  5. Water sports and games

All of our swimming programs are designed to meet the swimmer where they are in their ability and to develop their swimming skills through engaging, educational and fun activities. 

The Y has an appropriate swimming lesson for all ages and levels so come on in and swim with us!  For more information about Y swim lessons:

Youth Development Swim Lessons

Adult & Teen Swim Lessons


About the Author

Amy Vendt

Amy Vendt has a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and 20-years of aquatic experience within the YMCA.  As a child she learned to swim at the YMCA and upon graduation from college, started lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons at the Y.  She has been a faculty-level instructor for the YMCA of USA swimming programs for the past 12-years.  Besides being the Aquatic Director at the Burbank YMCA, she is also the Association Aquatic Director in charge of quality for all the Greater Boston swimming lessons programs.