One afternoon, my coworker and I decided to take a free group exercise class at the Huntington YMCA during our lunch break.  We randomly chose Stability Ball Conditioning, thinking that it would be an easy and fun class that wouldn't get us too sweaty before our return to work.  The class surprised both of us as it utilized and worked more muscle groups than we had anticipated.  As an intense cardio person, I was amazed to learn different movements and exercises. The exercises used subtle movements, incorporating multiple muscle groups and areas of the body seamlessly.

What is Stability ball Conditioning? 

The class used a medicine ball, stability ball and mat.  All equipment was provided to us upon entering the studio. The equipment was simple and versatile, making it easy for beginners like me. I was able to target a variety of muscle groups, using basic gym equipment. In the background was energizing music, which kept me motivated and focused for the duration of the 60 minute class. I was able to create and maintain a rhythm between the different exercises and the exercises flowed in a way which allowed me to target different muscle groups at varying times.

Since the class, I have continued to use some of the same medicine ball exercises I learned in my daily workouts! I have even further researched the benefits of many of the exercises. 


  • Improved balance
  • Muscle strength and toning
  • Core strength
  • Increased athleticism and agility
  • Posture 

What to Wear

  • Loose clothing - t-shirt and shorts 
  • Sneakers

What to bring

  • Water 
  • A smile!

Tips from Others

Hattie, YMCA of Greater Boston

Be prepared to follow along to a whole body workout series.  You will feel exhausted, but you'll definitely feel the rewards of getting a good workout.  

Kara, YMCA of Greater Boston

It's a great class for those who are not looking for a sweat-intensive workout and perfect for a lunch break or quick one-hour workout. Your muscles are working hard without feeling the same tiredness of a cardio-workout.  The equipment is simple- I now do several of the exercises as part of my daily workouts!  


Now it's time for you to try Stability Ball Conditioning!


Author: Kara Irwin


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