We would all like to believe that we have the capability to make dramatic changes in our lifestyles just as long as we muster up enough determination.  However, we’re only human and we’re going to have our bad days, caused by many possibilities ranging from a bad day at work to lack of sleep the previous night.  That’s why at all 13 branches of the YMCA of Greater Boston, we have many amazing personal trainers on deck, ready to give you that extra boost of motivation that you might need on a day when you’re not feeling 100%.

Meet Bobby Burns, a personal trainer at the Thomas M. Menino YMCA in Hyde Park, originally from Lincoln, Massachusetts.  He has been with the YMCA since January 2012 and loves being part of the Y community.  Not only is the Thomas M. Menino YMCA there to genuinely serve its community and make a positive impact, all of its members are inspiringly selfless, making it a truly special organization in his eyes.  He explains, “It is a rewarding feeling to put your hard work towards making a proactive difference in your community.”

Bobby Burns the Personal Trainer

Photographed above is Bobby (left) with his client, Chuck. 


NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

What got you interested in personal training?

After personally observing and feeling the benefits from weight lifting and resistance training, I decided I wanted to help other people work towards experiencing those same benefits.  I’m glad I did because I learned the rewards of helping people meet their personal fitness goals.  It’s amazing getting to watch people gain confidence during the whole process, not only in their physical abilities, but in themselves as a whole.  An added bonus to personal training is getting to meet many interesting people, all with unique stories and life experiences to share.

The Burns Method

What is your favorite exercise?

Deadlifts have got to be my favorite exercise.  The exercise uses so many different muscles in your body and in turn, forces you to exert a huge amount of energy.  It is also a very functional exercise since they work the same muscles you use daily to bend over and pick up an object. 

What is your favorite exercise equipment?

Barbell is my favorite because it is simple yet versatile.  With the correct use, you can hit every muscle group in the body. 

How do you motivate yourself to stay fit and healthy?

Think like this:

  • The list of health benefits gained by staying physically active is a mile long. 
  • This is the only body I am ever going to get so I might as well make the most of it. 

I don’t tell myself that I have a tomorrow to work with, a mistake that many make.

Do you have a daily routine?  What is it? 

  • Eat clean.
  • Work out hard.
  • Sleep 7 hours.

What’s your best fitness and health tip for people?

Tip for Women

  • Don’t be afraid of weight training.  They WILL NOT make you bigger or bulkier. 

Tip for Men

  • It is JUST as important to work out your lower body as it is your upper body. 

What’s your secret method?

I never drink soda or eat cheese.

Lasting Words

Nothing happens overnight.  There is no magic pill that will make you meet your goals.  There are no shortcuts.  It’s called working out because it’s work.

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