Like 65 percent of those who are reading this blog, I am a health seeker. I am one of those folks who wants to sustain good eating and exercise habits, but also needs ongoing support, guidance and accountability to stay on track. So, when the YMCA began free workshops this month about healthy living (Healthy Lifestyles Start Here), I thought, ‘This is my chance to learn more from our experts and share with my fellow Y members and community what I've learned.’

Nutrition 101

At a "Nutrition 101" clinic at the Dorchester Y, Mark Holder, from the American Academy of Personal Training, gave some great, down-to-earth advice on eating for better health. “Think of yourself as a fancy sports car. You take great care of your car to keep it looking and running well.  You need to take the same great care of yourself,” Mark said. Here are some nutrition tips for weight loss:

1)    Track your food with an app like Lose It!

2)    Eat breakfast every day

3)    Pay attention to total calories and spread them throughout the day

4)    Eat more fiber

5)    Don’t drink your calories

6)    Learn portion control

7)    Eat your lunch from home

8)    Create a meal plan

Running Shoe Clinic

During the “Running Shoe Clinic” at the Charles River Y, Dan Solo, a self- professed “shoe nerd” from Marathon Sports, talked about how important it is to choose the right shoe for your workout.  Who knew that you shouldn’t choose your shoes based on color?

Dan demonstrated a “gate analysis” for a workshop attendee, so that he could make a recommendation about the right type of shoe for her goals. I learned that the right fit can be the difference between an active lifestyle and not being active at all. That makes sense to me as my feet are just recovering from my newest pair of sneakers. Sneakers should be comfortable from the minute you put them on.  I’m going to Marathon Sports the next time I need sneakers and I’m going to enjoy my runs at the Y even more!


Author: Karen Babiak


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