I'm quite an athletic person.  I've played competitive sports all my life and I'm an intense cardio bunny.  I take great pride in my physical fitness, but still when I hear the word "bootcamp", I always cringe in fear because it just sounds so military-like.  However, I recently learned that bootcamp isn't just for macho men, superwoman, etc., but for everyone!  Bootcamp is challenging, but it provides an amazing whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance.  Really, think about it as a 60-minute one-stop-shop workout where time commitment is minimal in comparison to all the physical benefits that you will obtain. 

What is Bootcamp? 

Bootcamp, a free group exercise class for members at the YMCA of Greater Boston, is an energetic, high intensity 60-minute workout that is always changing.  Some bootcamp group exercise classes use no equipment, while others integrate more equipment.  Bootcamp focuses on cardio and strengthening exercises such as running, burpees, pushups and many more.  Whatever workout your instructor has planned, each will have a different method and you will be guaranteed a great workout.  Expect some soreness after the workout, but rest assured, it will be the soreness that makes you feel like a champ! 

Who Takes Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is for everyone, both beginners and long-time participants.  The instructors of this group exercise class will adjust the difficulty of the class to fit your needs and level.  Ultimately, the difficulty of the class will depend on your determination.  The instructor will push you to your limits, but will not overwork you.  Although bootcamp is perceived as an advanced group exercise class, it opens its doors to all who are willing to work hard and enjoy the pain! 

What to wear

  • Comfortable athletic wear 
    * Try to avoid things that are extra loose fitting
  • Socks 
  • Comfortable sneakers 

What to Bring

  • LOTS of water
  • Determination

Tips from Others on Bootcamp Group Exercise

Mary, Hyde Park YMCA

My whole body gets a great workout and it makes me feel great throughout the day since its early in the morning.  After a good bootcamp group exercise session, I have such a better outlook on my day.  If you're nervous, you can just come by and watch a session or join in after some observation.  It's very flexible.  Cassie and Pat are WONDERFUL instructors for the Hyde Park YMCA's bootcamp group exercise classes.

Sara, Waltham YMCA

The instructor of bootcamp at Waltham, Kristen, is very motivating and invests a lot of time setting up the workout area and planning the exercises.  She always changes it up and you never know what to expect, which keeps you on your toes and the class always fresh!  After attending three of her sessions, she has yet to repeat a workout routine.  It's a lot of fun and a great way to jumpstart the day.  Come ready to work and push yourself farther than you think you can go!

Bootcamp Benefits

  1. Whole-body Exercise: In a 60-minute workout, your whole body will be worked. 
  2. You're in Control: Yes, this is one of the more difficult and vigorous group exercise classes that is offered at the YMCA of Greater Boston, but ultimately, you're in charge.  
  3. Social Interaction: Due to the intensity of bootcamp, a natural sense of camaraderie among the participants is created.  You will definitely be able to meet new people and interact in this free group exercise class. 
  4. Physical Benefits: Strength, endurance, agility and weightloss. 

Now that you know all about bootcamp, it's time for you to try it out yourself!


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