Y Stories

Senior Member

  • “I am a senior on a fixed income and thanks to the Reach Out Campaign, I am an active member at the YMCA. My doctor recently commented on how my physical condition had improved. He told me I was in the best condition he had seen me in and my strength and mobility had increased. He said, 'Whatever you are doing at the YMCA, keep doing it.'”


  • "I have a chronic lower back problem.  When I started exercising with my trainer here at the Y, I had back pain that radiated to my right foot and knee.  I thought my life would always be about feeling pain every day.  A couple months after starting my training, I began to have one or two good days a week, which eventually progressed to several good days a week, to having no pain at all."

Waltham Members

  • We are senior citizens ages 72 and 75 who have benefited enormously from our YMCA programs.  Both of us are fortunate to have Denise Buckley as our Personal Trainer.  It is because of her skill, concern and experience that we are overcoming a number of difficult health challenges.   My wife was scheduled to have two total knee replacements due to severe arthritis.  Wisely she trained and worked with Denise for several months prior to surgery.  The results were amazing!  The operation caused  a minimum amount of pain and her new knee has given her subs

Proud Waltham Y Member & Parent

  • “I am a single mother who has been coming to the Waltham Y for the past 5 years. I am continually amazed by the staff and always willing to go the extra mile for my child. My son looks up to his coaches and group leader, Brian, as a role model—which is extra important to me since he does not have a male presence every day at home.


  • “I just want to say that this group at the Waltham Y is amazing. I have brought my children to other YMCA facilities in the past but for the past 5 years, we have been very involved with the Waltham Y and I would never think of leaving now. My children absolutely love and look forward to their afterschool program which makes for a much easier day for me as a single mother working full time and attending school fulltime to know that they are both safe, having fun with their friends, completing homework and learning."


  • "Thanks to the YMCA and the ACCESS program I know my daughter is now safe and caring environment which gives me a peace of mind."