Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Business professionals, industry leaders, retired individuals, college students, and many others share their time, energy, and talent with YMCA Training, Inc.


There is a deep satisfaction that comes from helping individuals learn the skills they need to gain career-building employment that will benefit themselves and their families.


Many of our volunteer opportunities are done over the phone or via email, and other opportunities take place here in our offices.  We are conveniently located in downtown Boston (18 Tremont Street, Suite 400, Boston, MA  02108), near State Street and Park Street subway stations.


Contact the YMCA Training, Inc. office today to volunteer by email or submit your information below.


Volunteer Opportunities

Customer Service Calls

Make calls from the convenience of your home or office.  You will follow scripts we provide and offer feedback, to help our participants gain customer service skills over the phone.  Click here for the schedule.


Interview Practice

Help participants practice interviews here at YMCA Training, Inc. or by phone, as needed.


Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Search

Review participants’ resumes and cover letters and help find appropriate job postings, either during mornings at YMCA Training, Inc. or via email.


Monday Mentors

With an established group of mentors, come in on Mondays (12:00-3:00) and use our materials to work with participants on their resumes, interview skills, and job preparation.


Interview Blitz

Participate in practice interviews with participants, using our materials, and providing feedback. The all-day event takes place quarterly at YMCA Training, Inc.  This is a popular opportunity for greater Boston’s professionals to share their interviewing skills.


An Interview Blitz will take place on the following Thursdays (1:00-4:00 p.m.):


May 1, 2014      July 24, 2014     October 23, 2014


Industry Speakers

Speak to a group of participants at YMCA Training, Inc. about your field and its job outlook.


Corporate Opportunities

Volunteer with YMCA Training, Inc. as a group with others in your company to help participants with interview practice, “elevator speech,” and conversation about your industry.


Please contact Anne Meyerson, Executive Director, for more information on how your company can get involved today!