Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

When your company’s employees engage in the community, it makes a powerful statement about your company’s reputation and benefits employees as well.

Improve your corporate image. Customers, shareholders, and the general public expect businesses to practice social responsibility and engage in their communities. Sharing your talent and skills with our trainees makes a strong statement about your company’s priorities.

Improve your corporate culture. Employees who volunteer with us gain valuable experience that helps their business, as well. By signing up to volunteer, your employees develop greater connections with their colleagues. Corporate volunteers are able to work in unique ways outside the office that allows for effective teamwork building. Volunteering will improve employee morale - employees at community-engaged businesses report more pride and loyalty to such companies. Finally, employees serving as mentors or giving public presentations develop increased leadership and communication skills.

Ways to volunteer:

  • Interview trainees in need of practice. Volunteer for our quarterly Interview Blitz in our offices.

  • Give a presentation on your work and your life: How did you get where you are today? Trainees are inspired to succeed by hearing the stories of successful business men and women like you!

  • Allow a trainee to shadow a member of your staff for a few hours.

  • Make a few calls to our simulated call center. Volunteers are given a short script and asked to make an “order.” Trainees on the other line practice their data entry and customer service skills.

Can’t come to our offices? We can come to you! We can bring a small group of trainees to your office to work with whatever staff is available for an hour or two. Your expertise and leadership inspire our job seekers to succeed.

Please contact Anne Meyerson, Executive Director, for more information on how your company can get involved today!