Your gift is not a simple donation. It’s a true investment.

Just ask Faye Taylor, who says of YMCA Training, Inc.: “the program had a tremendous impact on my life. In fact, it was the very foundation that enabled me to advance to where I am today.”

Faye Taylor walked through Training, Inc.’s doors nearly 18 years ago. She was a single mother on public assistance. At the time, as Faye describes, she was “unsure of [herself] and unsure of the direction [her] life was going in.” Although Faye faced challenges at home and in her personal life, Elsa Bengel, founding director, encouraged her to stay with the program. “The only thing that I was sure of was that I wanted a better life for my daughter and for myself,” Faye remembers.

Faye, like the thousands of trainees that step into YMCA Training, Inc.’s doors, persisted through five months of hard work. “We had high expectations for Faye,” describes Elsa Bengel, “just like we do for all of our trainees.”

How is Faye doing today? According to her, “better than I ever would have dreamed.” She has been employed at Boston Medical Center for the past ten years, where she works as an Administrative Coordinator in a division of Neonatology. This past year, Faye graduated from Emmanuel College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. It seems that after Training, Inc., Faye never stopped dreaming: “I plan to attend Simmons’s College to pursue a Master’s in Social work.”

And as for her daughter? She is in her second year at Tuskegee University, where she is double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Physics. Faye truly believes that it was her example as a working professional that pushed her daughter to succeed. Looking back on these eighteen years, Faye lets out a small laugh, “Need I say more about what Training, Inc. can do for you?”