2018 Camper Families

CLICK HERE for your 2018 North Woods & Pleasant Valley Registration Card

Please take time to read the informational PDFs linked below, and complete your Camp Docs file online; these will help to ensure a safe and healthy camp experience. 

Email us at campingservices@ymcaboston.org if you did not receive your CampDoc Invitation.  

Technical challenges or questions?  Please contact CampDoc.com for assistance.

Support line is 734-636-1000 and the email address is support@campdoc.com

Specific questions about the pharmacy?

As a reminder, you can reach our hub pharmacy in New Jersey at 734.636.1000 x 101.

You can also reach Jea-Ana, our onsite CampDoc.com pharmacy customer support representative, directly at 734-619-8304 or jea-ana@campdoc.com.