Y Stories

John D.

  • “The Y has great community involvement, and I know that as a member here, my money goes to a good cause. The spinning classes are great, and all the weight equipment is great too.” - John

Sue F.

  • I've been an Oak Square YMCA member for the past 8 years, and I'm here 5-6 times a week. I swim every day and also enjoy a variety of classes, like the many different styles of Yoga.  I wouldn't be able to get the exercise I need without the Y, and I've made friends while here. The pool and facility are also very well-maintained, and staff is trustworthy.

Bob M.

  • Being a senior citizen, it's nice to see a lot of seniors training here, at the Oak Square YMCA. We need it; the Y helps us live better and longer. I feel comfortable here, and the equipment is great. There's also a great diversification of people with a common goal here. 

Shinja & Hyesuk K.

  • The Oak Square YMCA is a safe, comfortable place, and staff is very kind. The Y has great programs for children, and my son and I also enjoy working out together. Our favorite activities are swimming and using the Expresso Bikes. 

Harry M.

  • "The Oak Square Y staff is a group of great people, whose welcome and warmth have been a great encouragement... I can say without qualification that going to the Y has made my life significantly better."

Alithea C.

  • "Staff has made us feel like part of a huge family, and as a single mother, that means the world to me."


  • "I am thankful for the amount of help that YMCA offered me, and it will always be a huge part of me."

Kamala D.

  • "Thanks to the generosity of the Oak Square YMCA, we‘ve been enabled to truly make fitness a fun & integral part of our family‘s daily life."

Leslie H.

  • "In October 2009, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. After changing my eating habits and adding exercise to my daily routine, I started swimming laps at the Oak Square YMCA, joined the Water Aerobics Class, and began working out with a personal trainer. I no longer have diabetes!"

Swimming Success Story


    Not all 3 year old's are ready to start swimming, in fact most don't even like taking baths. "David" (not the real name) was no exception, to the swimming part - he was always very clean. He wasn't ready to put his face in the water, was extremely uncomfortable if he couldn't stand, and water above the knees gave him the heebie-jeebies.