Membership Rights and Responsibilities

The YMCA of Greater Boston does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, or any other basis prohibited by statue. The Y  has the authority to deny or revoke membership privileges if the member abuses or misuses any YMCA owned or operated equipment or facilities; engages in conduct which is abusive, illegal, and disruptive, or poses a threat to the safety of others; engages in activities contrary to the mission and purpose of the YMCA.

Raptor - Child Protection

YMCA of Greater Boston will review all prospective members and guests against the Massachusetts Registry of Sex Offenders and prohibit membership or access to our Y’s for individuals classified as Level 2 or Level 3 sex offenders. All new members and guests over the age of 18 must present a valid photo ID to use a YMCA of Greater Boston facility.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction is guaranteed at the YMCA. If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of joining the Y, we will refund your membership and joining fees.


All guests are required to be scanned by the Raptor System prior to using the YMCA. The guest fee is $15 per day. Guests may use the YMCA a total of 3 times per year with paid and/or complimentary passes. The YMCA reserves the right to limit the number of guests on the property without notice. Indoor facility guest passes cannot be used at outdoor pools.

Using Other Greater Boston YMCA Branches

YMCA of Greater Boston members are welcome to use all 13 branches across the Association. Members are required to use their home branch at least 50% of the time. Members who use a branch other than their home branch more than 50% of the time will be required to join the branch they use most often.

A.W.A.Y. Guests

The YMCA of Greater Boston participates in the A.W.A.Y. program (Always Welcome at YMCAs). Members can visit other participating YMCAs across the country for little or no fee by showing their photo membership card. Members of other YMCAs outside of New England may use the YMCA of Greater Boston facilities free for up to 15 visits per year by showing a current YMCA membership card.

My Y is Every Y

All YMCA members from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont are welcome free of charge, with their current YMCA ID card anywhere in New England. The program is for full facility/full privilege Y members (those holding teen, young adult, adult, family, couple, senior memberships).

Members are required to use their home branch at least 50% of the time. Some Ys, such as the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard, have seasonal blackout periods. A small group of Ys have restrictions based upon their business needs (i.e. usage at particular times of day due to parking issues). We recommend members check the individual Y’s website before visiting. See for a complete listing of all Ys.

Membership Cards

All active members, including children on a family membership, must present a membership card for admittance to YMCA facilities and the outdoor pools. Cards are not transferable. Loan of the card to another person will result in forfeiture of all privileges.

Terminating a Membership

All membership cancellations must be in writing at least 15 business days prior to next membership draft date. Visit your Y’s Welcome Center for assistance.

Membership Hold

Members may request that their membership be placed on hold once per calendar year for up to 3 months. A Request for Membership Hold Form must be completed at least 15 business days prior to the membership being placed on hold. Membership holds are not considered an active membership when other YMCAs call to confirm membership status for the “A.W.A.Y. Guest” or “My Y is Every Y” program. The full membership will be automatically reactivated, and the draft will resume, the day after the ending date of the membership hold, unless the member terminates their membership with 15 days written notice.

Personal Training By Non-YMCA Staff

Members may not train one another, or receive personal training services from trainers not employed by the YMCA.

Cell Phone Use

The use of cell phones and other handhelds are permitted in designated areas only.

Class Cancellations

The YMCA reserves the right to make schedule changes to better serve our members or to combine/cancel classes due to low enrollment.