Thank you for considering a contribution in support of Sandy Island Family Camp and the YMCA of Greater Boston's Overnight Camping Services Branch. We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization (EIN#: 04-2103551) that is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body, and spirit of individuals and families in our communities. With the completion of the Domokur Needs Assessment, we wanted to invite you to consider making a comprehensive gift to camp that includes our Annual Campaign, Capital Improvement, and our camp-specific Endowment Fund.


Annual Campaign: We heavily rely on our Annual Campaign to scholarship kids and families to attend camp. Roughly 175 lives are transformed each year: 1 in 30 camp community members including military families benefit from financial assistance, free, or subsidized programming – 1 in 6 are children.

Capital Improvements: Our last camp-wide funding improvement project was in 2012 to purchase a sound system, upgrade the bocce courts, chairs for the beach and waterfront, and paddle boards. Five years later, we are embarking on new projects we hope to garner support for. A big thank you to the Sandy Island Camp Committee for all their hard work in helping us with these valuable opportunities to improve this special place.

SANDY ISLAND WATERFRONT:  Rich in history, Sandy Island Family Camp has been serving multi-generational families on Lake Winnipesaukee since 1899. At the forefront of our work, we seek to engage all of our campers with a memorable and enjoyable summer. This involves dedicated seasonal staff and an infrastructure to support everyone’s needs and desires on the island for eight-weeks.

However, general usage and inclement weather throughout the remaining days of the year, year over year, have created beach erosion and safety issues that we believe are worrisome. Capital improvement is critical to maintaining the beauty and usage of our property for our dedicated campers and generations to come - but we cannot do this alone. With the support of others in partnership, the YMCA of Greater Boston’s Overnight Camping Services Branch has a unique opportunity to enhance the landscape of Sandy Island Family Camp’s waterfront beyond its current state.

Through donations, we will be able to completely restore the waterfront and enhance one of the focal points of camp. Safety is primary, and with this new beachfront the lifeguard area will be closer to water. There will also be no splinters with new boards, improved access with less rocks and roots in the kayak launch area, safer stairs and seating with full length benches and an additional second chair area. With these improvements, there will be a better and safer experience enjoyed by our Sandy families.

We have raised/funded $105,000: $50,000 from our Association Capital Dollars toward fixing main dock, a Grant from YUSA for $40,000 and with the Brown Family blessing, $15,000 from the Chris Brown Memorial Fund to purchase of EZ-Docks for our boating area. If additional funds are raised we would like to make a seating area where the old shuffle board courts are in front of the office. Thank you Allan Summers for creating the conceptual plan, Jeremy Surrat, Tizzy Brown and the Sandy Island Camp Committee for helping with this project. Remaining Funds Needed: $75,000

Waterfront Project Size & Scope: 
To date we have raised 64% towards our $185,000 goal; $117,500 has been committed to the Sandy Island Family Camp Waterfront.
In the early spring of 2017, a $50,000 commitment from the YMCA of Greater Boston’s CapX Budget was allocated to Camp to replace

Sandy’s Main Dock. A supplementary $40,000 grant from YUSA Strategic Initiatives Fund was gifted to support the project. In total, $15,000 was donated in memory of Chris Brown and thanks to the Brown Family, these funds were allocated to the purchased the EZ-Dock. Additionally, nearly a half dozen of the 500 Sandy Island families that we serve have already made a commitment in support of this initiative ($12,500) and the kayak launch was generously donated by a generous Sandy Island Family.

The remaining balance needed to complete this restoration and improvement project is $67,500.

How can you support? By making a single or multi-year major gift commitment of a capital donation by October 31st, 2017.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Please contact Executive Director Kate Lemay at with any questions.

Endowment Fund (The Heritage Club):

The minimum initial gift amount to join the club is $1,000 which can be spread over multiple years. After the initial gift, you can allocate any amount to the fund each year. The principle remains in an interest-bearing account in perpetuity. On an annual basis, $31,000 is dispersed into the operating budget thanks to these gifts.

View plans for the renovations and improvements: