Waltham - Certified Preschool Lead Teacher


Position: Preschool Lead Teacher

Job Classification:  Full/part-time/seasonal  

Branch: Waltham YMCA                 

Reports to: Director

Pay rate: $12-$14/hr.


Reports To: Early Education Director

General Function:

            To represent the YMCA personally, professionally, and in a manner in accordance with the mission and goals of the YMCA. The Lead Teacher is responsible for the planning and implementation of the program activities, assessing the children, communicating with the families, and maintaining a safe, warm, engaging, and healthy, classroom environment. Curriculum must provide for growth in skills, self-awareness, group relations, and character development. Safety and overall welfare of the children is of primary importance. By conducting themselves in a caring, responsible, honest, and respectful manner, the Lead Teacher can be a role model for the children and adults.

Know How:

  1. Must be at least 21 years old and meet the requirements for Department of Early Education and Care (102CMR7: 21(2)(d)). Must have certified card from EEC.
  2. Must be First Aid and CPR certified within first six months of employment.
  3. Must have good human relations skills to facilitate positive relationship with community agencies, staff, families, and program participants.
  4. Must obtain Child Abuse Prevention Training within the first 60 days of employment, Blood Born Pathogen Training, and Sexual Harassment Training within the first 60 days of employment.
  5. Must possess and utilize excellent organizational skills.
  6. Must be committed to carry out the mission and goals of the YMCA.



  1. Keep safety of children as a first priority -  with emphasis on an atmosphere     that is family- friendly, age-appropriate, inclusive, and conducive to a quality-driven environment
  2. By personal example, facilitate the YMCA core values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility with children, staff, and families - must be a positive, healthy role model
  3. Use positive and constructive methods of behavior guidance and ensure that all staff do the same.
  4. Work in conjunction with the Teachers and Ast. Teachers in program.
  5. Be aware of individual children’s needs and interests.
  6. Maintain daily attendance records, lessons plans, implement curriculum, participate in planning, and implementation of special events.
  7. Design classroom needs and reflect their cultural, ethnic, and family backgrounds.
  8. Based on assessment results, observation, individual, and group needs, the Lead Teacher will design a curriculum plan on a weekly basic that supports children’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. The curriculum should be planned with Teachers.
  9. Utilize curricula which is developmentally and linguistically appropriate; provide for the development, interests and temperaments of individual children; supports school readiness and educational development; and include goals for the knowledge and skills to be acquired by children in various areas of learning
  10. Maintain inventory of classroom equipment.
  11. Create and maintain a system for daily records of each child’s day in the program. All families must receive a daily note about their child.
  12. Encourage children to eat by sitting near them and eating with them.
  13. Responsible for full equipped first aid kits according to EEC regulations and all injury report forms/ logs are completed.
  14. Communicate with families on a daily basis either directly, through Teacher and Assistant Teacher, or daily notes.
  15. Responsible for maintaining clean and sanitary classroom, toys, and equipment daily.
  16. Supervise and train Teacher and Assistant Teacher placed in her/his classroom. This responsibility may be shared with the Director.
  17. Attend and participate in weekly staff meeting to discuss classroom management, children’s growth / development needs, training needs, and curriculum planning.
  18. Supervise the Teacher and Assistant Teachers with the curriculum and classroom management. Assists the Director with annual evaluations for child care staff.
  19. Identify specific areas for personal and professional development. Participates in 20 hours of training a year, of which 1/3 must be with children who are diverse learners.
  20. Performs other duties as assigned by the Director/Supervisor.
  21. Abides by established EEC, and YMCA Child Care policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines, and asks when in doubt.
  22. Encouraged to participate in branch Reach Out Campaign.


Effect On End Result:Effectiveness is measured by -

  1. A warm, engaging environment for children, staff and families which meets           quality standards and EEC licensing requirements
  2. A developmentally sound program for children which provides positive channels to grow, learn and develop to their full potential
  3. A program which meets community needs in a manner consistent with the YMCA mission



How to Apply:

Qualified candidates may submit their resume with cover letter to May Vaughn at mvaughn@ymcaboston.org or 617-777-6749