Young Achievers Summer Institute

The Young Achievers Summer Institute is an innovative summer learning experience for middle school and high school students.

Students entering 8th, 9th and 10th grade are encouraged to participate in this unique career exploration program.  Youth will be introduced to various careers in the arts, government and health and get a sneak peek at college life through field trips, speakers, workshops and activities on the campuses of area Colleges and Universities.  Through each session, students will gain knowledge that will help them shape their own career paths and college aspirations.  Students will develop leadership and networking skills through fun, interactive and hands on activities.  Students can participate in one week or two weeks sessions, choosing one or all to attend.

Two Week Sessions $180.00

July 7th through July 18th - Emerson College Charles Beards Communications Institute

Students get an introduction to the arts and communication through a partnership with Emerson College’s Center for Diversity. Participants will learn about television production, print and broadcast journalism, stage and theater production, Internet and new media production, and video and film production.

July 21st through August 1st - Eye on Boston Institute - Arts, Photography, and Graphic Design

Students see Boston in a way that you’ve never seen the city before – behind the lens of a camera. This two week session will introduce students to the art of photography, and graphic design while learning and exploring the city of Boston.

One Week Sessions $90.00

August 4th through August 8th - Health Careers Institute

Youth earn about the work of nurse and doctors in this one week session on careers in the health industry. Students will visit hospitals, learn about issues in health care and learn about basic tips to keep themselves healthy.

August 11th through August 15th - Law and Order

Students will learn about the careers in law and government. They will understand what law school is like, find out what happens in the day of an attorney, politician, and learn about police work.

August 18th through August 22nd – Money Matters Youth explore careers in the finance industries. They will understand financial systems and how money really works locally and globally. This session is design to teach them to understand the real value of a dollar how they may learn how to make their money work for them one day


The YMCA Achievers also provides scholarships that help subsidize the cost of the program up to 40% off the cost for qualifying families. Please contact Perpetual Hayfron via phone (617) 905-8177 or email  for more information and for instructions on registration. 

Program Hours & Location

Programs run from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. All sessions meet at YMCA Achievers, 316 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02120