The YMCA of Greater Boston is pleased to announce that we have a limited number of invitational entries into the 2019 Boston Marathon through the John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program. This means that the qualifying requirements are waived and the Y is able to provide a guaranteed entry into the race. This year’s marathon will be held on April 15, 2019. Applications are for athletes who are a minimum age of 18 as of April 15, 2019.

All participants who are selected will run on behalf of the YMCA of Greater Boston and will raise funds to support YMCA teen programming. This year, thanks in part to funds raised by our marathon team, the YMCA provided nearly 15,000 free summer memberships for teens. Learn more about our teen programs here:

Runners will be required to raise a minimum of $7,500. The fundraising minimum of $7,500 should be considered a step to even higher fundraising goals. We seek team members who are truly interested in raising significant funds to help our cause. 

Runners who already have qualified for the race and have secured an entry may join the Y team with a fundraising minimum of $1,500.

Members of the YMCA of Greater Boston Marathon Team will be provided individualized fundraising and training support.

If you are interested in running for the 2019 YMCA of Greater Boston Marathon Team, please fill out the application form below and submit a nonrefundable $50 application fee by 11:59 PM on October 22, 2018. Runners will be notified by early November 2018 whether or not their application has been accepted. All fields of this application must be completed. Completion of this application does not guarantee you a spot on the team. Please pay the $50 registration fee here. 

Terms and conditions: Registration: You will receive your race registration after your application is accepted. The Boston Athletic Association charges a $365 race application fee. If you are selected to be a member of the Y’s team as a charity runner, you are responsible for paying this application fee. You should not contact the race directly to secure your number. All Boston Marathon registrations will go directly through the YMCA of Greater Boston. If you are a qualified runner, you may apply to be a part of the Y’s team but will be responsible for your own registration. Release Form and Contribution Agreement: In consideration of my accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrator, waive and release any and all rights for claims and damages I may have against the YMCA of Greater Boston and its employees, volunteers, consultants and any coaches and consultants and product sponsors for any and all injuries suffered or sustained by me in said event and in the training and planning sessions for said event or travel to and from any of the preceding. I further attest and certify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for competition in this event and a licensed medical doctor has verified my physical condition. I also grant permission for use of my name and/or photograph or voice in broadcast, telecast, print or any other account of this event and agree to waive any compensation for such use. I agree to collect a minimum of $7,500 for the YMCA of Greater Boston by May 20, 2019. If I have not reached the amount in donations by that date, I will personally be responsible for the balance owed. I fully understand that unless I cancel by January 18, 2019, the YMCA of Greater Boston reserves the right to charge the balance I owe to my credit card. I declare that I have exercised my own judgment in agreeing to these terms and conditions and I further declare that the decision to complete this agreement is my own. Milestones for fundraising I agree to meet: February 15, 2019 - $2,000 March 15, 2019 - $4,000 April 16, 2019 - $6,000 May 20, 2019- $7,500 *ALL RUNNERS MUST BE AT THE $6,000 BENCHMARK BY APRIL 15, 2019. Cancellation Policy: Your $50 application fee is non-refundable. You may cancel your participation with the team, waiving your responsibility for the $7,500 minimum anytime on or before January 18, 2019. To do so, you must email the Y at on or before January 18, 2019 by 11:59 PM. After January 18, 2019, you are still responsible for raising the minimum $7,500 even if, for any reason including injury, you are unable to run in the marathon. If you cancel participation after this date, your credit card will be charged the balance of your fundraising commitment. The YMCA of Greater Boston has your consent do this. Donations raised and received by the YMCA of Greater Boston, or via the CrowdRise website, will not be refunded, even if you cancel before January 18, 2019. In the situation of a runner who defaults on this agreement and their credit card is not valid for any reason, the YMCA of Greater Boston reserves the right to pursue collection of the debt and the runner will be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred by this collection process. In the event of an illness, injury or medical emergency arising during the event or in the training and planning sessions for said event, I hereby authorize and give my consent to the YMCA of Greater Boston to secure from an accredited hospital, clinic and/or physician any treatment deemed necessary for my immediate care. I agree that I will be fully responsible for payment of any and all medical services and treatment rendered to me including but not limited to medical transport, medication, treatment and hospitalization. If you are selected for the YMCA of Greater Boston’s Marathon Team, there is a mandatory two-hour orientation that all runners must attend in-person. The orientation will take place at 316 Huntington Avenue in Boston in mid November 2018. The orientation date will be scheduled around the runners’ schedules as is possible.